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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
This place still exists?

Well, on a whim.  I decided to check to see if this place was still here.  It is, and I'm updating.  Imagine that.  Today there was a spider crawling on my leg.  The reason I noticed, is because I have so much leg hair and could feel it.  Well, that's all I got.

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Friday, January 27, 2006
I Laughed in the Face of Death

There I was, in the checkout Kmart.  Buying Fable: The Lost Chapters.  SUDDENLY, the woman behind the counter begins to mutter something at me, so I did what any ordinary person would do...I LAUGHED! 

Though I was laughing, the woman continued with her jibba jabba with me still smiling from the other side of the counter.  I was accompanied by Teal, who seemed to understand what the woman was speaking about.  Noticing Teals stone cold face and the womans sad glance in my direction, I realized that I was laughing at something that was supposed to me laughed at.

After the encounter I asked Teal what the woman spoke about.  Teal replied "She was talking about her son, who died recently."  This is when it hit me, I probably made this womans day one of the worst she has had since her sons untimely death.  I began to think about why I began laughing at the womans story, what was it that made me laugh?  Was it just a reaction to not really listening to the woman, or subconciously was I laughing because I thought it was funny that she was sharing such information with complete strangers.  Still, I havent figured this out, but im putting my money on the second option. END*

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Friday, January 13, 2006
The Times they are a changin...

Its been a while.  Sorry, all apologies.   Work consumes most of my free time, you understand.  It seems there is a trend to this vial evil that is blog land.  People running out of ideas...or ideals...hehe.  I am certainly one of those who is experiencing this.

So, in honor of the good times and the bad....

I give you Jay Leno and Hulk Hogan.  Sorry, out of ideas. END*

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Friday, November 25, 2005
This was seriously...

THE COOLEST AND MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER WITNESSED!   FOR GODS SAKE, YOU HAVE TO CLICK THIS LINK AND DOWNLOAD THIS!  It is the worlds largest zit, or so they claim.  The point is ITS COOL...and gross.  Just check it out, you wont regret it.  END*

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Saturday, November 05, 2005
Its a Gas Gas Gas...

Well, a fast update im afraid.  Just one thing.  THIS SITE  I recommend all to visit, its confusing and full of enjoyment.  Plays the Pee Wee big adventure song...ITS GREAT DAMN IT! END*

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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Fun game I think

So as I was surfing the web, as I do from time to time, I discovered an interesting idea turned game.  Would like to try it one day, just for kicks. Enjoy!

Google Snake Game

Here’s an idea for a party game which needs nothing but a working internet connection (say, a notebook or cell phone), and’s web search. The idea is to create a word snail – an ever-growing sentence – by having each person in the group add one word in turns. Say, the first person starts with “Feelings”. Now the second person adds a word, “are”, so we get “Feelings are ...”.

Now every time a word is added, the phrase (using quotes) is googled for, and the resulting page count is announced to the group. The one person who created a sentence with zero results in Google loses and has to drink something (or get a minus point, if you want to play with points; in that case, the last person who created a sentence with results in Google will win a point). To prevent cheating, the one whose turn is next is not allowed to look at any search result snippet.


Let’s take our sample, and see what we get:

Peter: “Feelings ...” (53,200,000 results in Google)
Mary: “Feelings are ...” (2,100,000 results)
Jake: “Feelings are nothing ...” (1,090 results)
Susan: “Feelings are nothing and ...” (19 results)
Peter: “Feelings are nothing and we ...” (0 results)

Susan gets 1 point, and Peter gets minus 1 points (or has to empty a glass).


The game could be fun to play because a) of the funny sentence that comes out of it, and b) because everybody has incentive to risk creating a “meaningless” sentence hoping there will be some results on the web, in order to force the next one to create an even more meaningless sentence without results (e.g. an advanced player may risk more obscure phrases if the previous page count was in the millions).

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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Sometimes, when you tell someone to clean their pee off the floor....

They hit you in the face with the mop on the way back down.

So it has been a week since the move.  Appartment life is a little boring, but it is nice too.  Allow me to list the ups and downs of appartment life.

Up:  I no longer live with six cats and a dog.  Breathing is much easier.
Down:  I miss the dog, the dog was cool.
Up:  I can walk around in my underwear and cook naked if I wanted to.
Down:  The stove can really burn you good if you cook too close.
Up:  Sleepovers are great. 
Down:  I sleep on a futon
Up:  The shower never runs out of hot water.
Down:  I dont have any soap.
Up:  I bought a new pet for company.
Down:  Its a Guinea Pig and is a little shy.
Up:  I can play as much Xbox and PS2 that I want.  Not to mention the extra room for all my other consoles.
Down:  I have no cable television.

So now you see.  Hopefully understand.  And I have yet to recieve any sort of donation, other than a chicken cup o noodle and chop stick set from mattias.  Everyone else makes me sick.  Im going to remember this.  I kid.  Well, thats all for now I suppose.  END*

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