Entry: I Laughed in the Face of Death Friday, January 27, 2006

There I was, in the checkout lane...at Kmart.  Buying Fable: The Lost Chapters.  SUDDENLY, the woman behind the counter begins to mutter something at me, so I did what any ordinary person would do...I LAUGHED! 

Though I was laughing, the woman continued with her jibba jabba with me still smiling from the other side of the counter.  I was accompanied by Teal, who seemed to understand what the woman was speaking about.  Noticing Teals stone cold face and the womans sad glance in my direction, I realized that I was laughing at something that was supposed to me laughed at.

After the encounter I asked Teal what the woman spoke about.  Teal replied "She was talking about her son, who died recently."  This is when it hit me, I probably made this womans day one of the worst she has had since her sons untimely death.  I began to think about why I began laughing at the womans story, what was it that made me laugh?  Was it just a reaction to not really listening to the woman, or subconciously was I laughing because I thought it was funny that she was sharing such information with complete strangers.  Still, I havent figured this out, but im putting my money on the second option. END*


July 13, 2006   12:20 PM PDT
Thank you for your comment, it makes me excited.
July 1, 2006   01:43 AM PDT
and I think you are using the second reason for laughing at this woman to excuse your extremely thoughtless behavior.

It's okay to be a complete dumbass punk just not ALL of the time.

I'm pretty sure you'll never have to worry about your mom telling anyone about any fond memories she has of you. No doubt she has none.

Why don't you join the real world and grow up, say, to about the age of oh, I don't know...maybe 2.

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